Building your website

Guam Design's main objective is to assist you in the process of launching your own website, including the development of the following:

concept: establish your needs, get to know your product, determine your objectives

design: selection of the style, font, colors, images and other elements that will effectively identify the purpose of your project

tools: calendars, chatrooms, message boards, e-stores, polls, surveys...

content: creating and organizing content maximizing two principles: functionality and ease of navegation

graphic assistance: professional treatment and editing of the pictures that will be displayed on your website as well as supplying an extensive catalog of images

domain name: assistance into select and register a domain name for your web site that allow users to find you and remember you easily

host managing: we work with affordable and reliable hosting companies to guarantee an optimum functionality of your website

launch: uploading and retouching your website to attain optimum performance of your website


You have a website but people can't reach you? You need to have your place in Google, MSN, Yellow Pages... How?