Features and tools

Guam Design offers a wide variety of attractive and useful tools for your web site, such as:

calendars:daily, weekly, monthly or yearly calendar of events

chatrooms: so your users can enjoy their own and private communication line

message boards: for users to leave their messages, opinions and questions so other users could read and/or answer them

polls & surveys: so you can collect your users' input on any subject

photo-galleries: the best way to show off and share your pictures

news: an easy tool so you can release your news in your web site at any time just by yourself

e-stores: add an online store to your web site so you can start selling your product everywhere at any time

...and much more: time and date, counters, weather box...


You have a website but people can't reach you? You need to have your place in Google, MSN, Yellow Pages... How?